About Us

CICS Bucktown boasts an energetic learning environment, fueled by over 600 eager learners, many of whom travel great distances to school each day! Our talented teaching staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of every student through effective implementation of a finely tuned blended learning model. Technology is a critical component of our culture of learning; every classroom promotes the use of 21st century learning skills and critical thinking to solve problems.

Based on the Common Core State Standards for reading and math, Next Generation Science Standards, and a robust writing curriculum, learning at CICS Bucktown is rigorous and prepares our students for the best high schools in the city. With consistent growth in reading, math, and science on NWEA MAP testing across grade levels, over 30% of graduating eighth graders have been accepted to Chicago's Selective Enrollment High Schools over the past four years.

​In order to educate the "whole child," we routinely provide our students with social-emotional learning opportunities and activities - including Friday student celebrations, our "Bucktown Buddies" program, social justice groups, and morning/midday meetings.

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The mission of CICS Bucktown is to inspire a culture of respect and inclusivity amongst individuals of different cultures, races, orientations, and backgrounds. We support each child's physical, social, emotional, and academic learning for success at school and beyond by accelerating student achievement through a personalized learning approach. 


Our vision is to provide students with culturally and high level instruction that leads them to achieve at grade level, be high school ready, and become successful members of the community. We commit to planning authentic learning experiences for our students, building strong student and teacher relationships and creating an environment where all of our students feel safe and included to be their true selves. 

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Equity Statement

Everyone feels safe and welcomed the moment they walk through the doors.

Each community member belongs and is celebrated for the similarities, differences, and perspectives they bring to the community.

We will consistently educate ourselves to learn about different cultures and backgrounds to grow as a community.

You belong here.